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About Me

I am a Senior at Temple University studying Computer Science. Currently I am the Co-President of TUDev, Temple's CS / Hacker club. I am the former President of TUSec, Temple's InfoSec club, which has now merged into TUDev. I am the co-founder of Hack4Impact Temple, which is an organization that develops software for nonprofits.

From May 2017 to November 2018, I developed penetration testing utilities for TBG Security. This coming summer I will be a Software Engineering Intern for JPMorgan Chase & Co. (what I will be working will be deterimined shortly). I currently maintain and update TUDev.org.

During the 2019 Spring semester, I will be working on the web development team for TraffickCam under the supervision of Professor Richard Souvenir. You can read more about TraffickCam here and here.

During the Spring months of 2018, I was a coordinator for Local Hack Day Philly, a hackathon at Temple. Also, I was the sole developer for hackpack.tudev.org, a hardware checkout platform for Temple students.

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to talk about anything I've worked on or anything of interest to you!

Projects I've Worked On

Fullstack Web Python MongoDB
HackPack is a web app designed for TUDev members to check out and use hardware for their personal software projects. The inspiration for HackPack stems from the fact that many students wish to engage in software development alongside hardware but they are not able to or do not wish to buy expensive hardware to learn these skills. Currently, HackPack can be found in production at hackpack.tudev.org and its source code is viewable at github.com/tudev/hackpack. HackPack was built with Python alongside Flask for the backend, MongoDB as the database layer, and various frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap Grid).
Fullstack Web Python MongoDB
TBG Security SMP (Stinger Management Platform)
The Stinger Management Platform, SMP for short, is a full stack web app and client script that enables the use of a suite of auditing modules for the penetration testing and auditing of a network of client machines. The web app allows users to manage machines on internal or external networks, run tests on these machines through pre-written modules, and view reports on the results of these modules. These modules are executed through a custom C2 script that is run on client machines and they were based on the MITRE ATT&K Matrix. The web app was built with Python alongside Flask for the backend, MongoDB as the DB layer, and various frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap grid). The C2 script was written in Python. I developed this product whilst working as a Software Engineering Intern at the great company TBG Security.
Local Hack Day Philly was a one-day hackathon organized by TUDev at Temple University where over 100 college students from the Greater Philadelphia area came together to build awesome software. As a coordinator I worked on ensuring a successful event through various responsibilities that would frankly be too boring for most people to list.
Fullstack Web Python
ScriptTube was a project that myself and a team of three others developed at HackNY Spring 2017. The goal of the project was to allow people to generate annotated, shortened summaries of YouTube videos. What I mean by annotated is that in the summaries provided, links to the time in the video were provided. This means that if the summary of a video on rubber ducks was generated and in the summary there was a sentence talking about the inventor of the rubber duck, a link would be provided alongside this sentence which when clicked upon would bring the user to the time in the video that was talking about the inventor of the rubber duck. ScriptTube won Greatest Time Saver at HackNY Spring 2017. It was built with Python alongside Flask for the backend, and various web technologies for the frontend (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap grid).
TUSec was in need of a website and I wanted to practice some of my newly learned web development skills so I volunteered to create this website for them. The site was made with various frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap). It is no longer in production due to the fact that TUSec was merged into TUDev but I have taken the liberty of hosting an archived version of the site here.